Congratulations Trudy! By the Rivers of Brooklyn is nominated for BEST ATLANTIC PUBLISHED BOOK AWARD

Breakwater Books is pleased to announce that the By the Rivers of Brooklyn has been shortlisted for the Best Atlantic Published Book Award which is awarded as part of the Atlantic Book Awards in Dartmouth, NS on April 14.

The Best Atlantic Published Book Award comes with a $5000 prize that goes to a publisher and author whose book possesses the best balance of content, presentation, quality of design and production, as well as contributing the most to an understanding of Atlantic Canada.

By the Rivers of Brooklyn, a historical novel from author Trudy Morgan-Cole, is a critically acclaimed novel that transforms into fiction the experience of the 75,000 first- and second-generation Newfoundlanders who once lived in Brooklyn, New York – and the experience of Newfoundlanders throughout history who have gone away to find work and prosperity but never stopped dreaming of home.

Critics have described the novel as “meaty and delicate” (The Telegram), “an impressive work of fiction” (The Western Star), and Morgan-Cole’s writing style as one “that takes you quickly into the story” (Chronicle Herald).

If you are interested in interviewing Trudy Morgan-Cole or receiving a book for review purposes, or using the above images in an article, please use the contact information below

contact name: Jackie Pope
phone: 709-722-6680 / 800-563-3333


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