“A Beautiful Collaboration Between Two Wonderful Newfoundland Artists.” The Chronicle Herald Raves About WHERE GENESIS BEGINS

where-genesis-begins-web“Some books stay with you and you will return to them again and again. Where Genesis Begins is one of those finds. This beautiful volume — with lovely art reproductions — is a seamless collaboration. The clarity of Dawe’s poems, particularly his poems about women, is very affecting, evoking as only fine poetry can, strong and lasting images. The sense of loss in these poems is equalled by the sense of loss in many of Squires’ pieces. Like Dawe’s poems, Squires’ paintings are beautifully rendered. He is an honest and brilliant painter. He has no need to gussy up his work with gimmicks. Dawe’s poetry and Squires’ art capture something which will bring me back again and again to this book. they capture the inherent strength in the people and the place, a strength that keeps them enduring.”

– Sharon Hunt, The Chronicle Herald

To buy or read more about Where Genesis Begins, click here


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