“A Deft and Impressive Work of Fiction”: The Western Star laudes Morgan-Cole’s BY THE RIVERS OF BROOKLYN


The character-driven, Austen-esque By the Rivers of Brooklyn is a deft and impressive work of fiction in which the prose style is spare – controlled and assured. It’s also a large and ambitious work about leaving home and cultural dislocation, themes relatable especially to Newfoundlanders and

Labradorians. It’s also about guilt and the search for (and being able to accept) grace and redemption …

One might contend that Newfoundlanders have rarely been as capably or a truthfully represented on the page as they are here.

By the Rivers of Brooklyn is about people coping with change; more specifically, it captures emblematically the experience of Newfoundlanders throughout history who have gone away to find work and prosperity. But doing so always implies success or failure at making peace with the idea of “home” – returning to it, or making a new one. It’s a purely mental process either way, and Morgan-Cole captures it with breathtaking acuity.”

– Darrell Squires, The Western Star


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Overreaders Anonymous Pick Beckel’s SILENCE OF STONE as Their Read of the Month!

silence-of-stone It seems hype has jumped the border this month!

Overreaders Anonymous, a book group in nothern Wisconsin, have chosen Annamarie Beckel’s novel, Silence of Stone, as their pick of the month for July’s discussion!


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Kirby Walsh’s A Trip to Labrador Ranking #4 on the Chronicle Herald’s Bestseller list!


Select praise for A Trip to Labrador:

“Kirby’s book is heart-rending … Engagingly readable and highly recommended … A revealing read for anyone interested in Labrador history.”
-Darrell Squires, 
The Western Star

“A fascinating read for anyone with the slightest interest in Labrador or the Grenfell mission … Moore gives us a warts-and-all portrait of a man [Grenfell] who has been alternately demonized and deified in Newfoundland and Labrador.”
– Robin McGrath, 
The Telegram

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More Great Press for Trudy Morgan-Cole’s By the Rivers of Brooklyn!

Brooklyn ” This novel includes multiple characters and an ambitious timeline, but it coheres around a core of ‘home.’ Home is a place — St. John’s, newfoundland — and also an idea and an ideal that keep the characters in orbit, to that city, and to each other … This novel is a novel both meaty and delicate; you can dig right into it, and still find yourself savouring turns of plot, turns of phrase … The writing is deft and enjoyable … as well, the detailed descriptions of so many settings, including Coney island in July 1928, or the St. John’s airport in March 1983, continuously and vividly bring the story alive.”

 – Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

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Nicole Lundrigan Receives Honourable Mention for the 2009 Sunburst Award

the-seary-line-blogWe’re thrilled for Nicole, whose book has received nothing but praise since its release last September. So much so that Globe critics and awards jurors seem to be blurring the lines between genres just to rave about her!

“[The Seary Line] is a character-driven tale and Lundrigan’s gift is to create memorable ones.”                               – The Globe and Mail

“Richly rendered through a crafted style that is never affected or merely ornamental … something extra permeates this novel.”                                                                 – Atlantic Books Today          

“The novel’s greatest strength, and the reason to read it, is to experience the lives of such intricately wrought characters.”                                                                                     – Newfoundland Quarterly              

(Breakwater would also like to congratulate local author Kate Story for making the longlist as well!)   

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Morgan-Cole’s Latest Novel Worth Fighting For!

BrooklynBreakwater has been informed that two customers were spotted fighting over the last copy of Trudy Morgan-Cole’s latest novel, By the Rivers of Brooklyn, at Chapters in St. John’s last week. This book is barely a month out on the shelves, and already readers have been going out of their way to give us, and the author, glowing feedback.

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